ever been defaced?

The urban dictionary (UD) came up with this term the other day and it made me wonder how much emotional labour is actually involved in the housekeeping bits of being a more or less active user of an online social network such as facebook? When users become the target of a friend’s ‘remove contact’ action – defaced to use the lingo – there is a narrative behind. Too much or too little activity, stalking, swamping with application invites, virtual or real life broken hearts, betrayal, dramas etc. Does it hurt? Or is it simply a lower figure popping up next to the number of friends? Is it accompanied by moves of revenge or is re-facebefriending the next step? Is it a matter of geographical or temporal distance? Hidden agendas, politics of collective ogling or sheer ignorance [the currency of the modern world as someone in UD argues]? Obviously, it can mean anything or nothing at all – but the complexity of unspoken rules and the subleties of online representation and status issues is amazing…in the end it may determine – or contradict – what happens in the 1:1 encounter offline too.


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  1. lyricalpurpose says :

    thanks so much for your comments. really appreciate your reflection and connections to how this can be lived in all elements of our live, including online.

    sending you fabulous lyrical energy!

    Evelyn Van Til

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