Amazon, universitybooksearch and The Open University

Today I have received several books related to The Open University’s discontinued undergraduate course D318 Culture, Media and Identities. The series was published by Sage in association with the OU in 1997 and editors included Stuart Hall (also course chair then), Paul du Gay, Kathryn Woodward, Hugh Mackay and Kenneth Thompson. I had studied – what I still feel the most stimulating, rewarding, and challenging course – back in 2005 when I was still living in Berlin, right before I moved to London in October that year. I did not bring the material with me, so I was looking over the past few weeks for the set of publications at Amazon in order to find the required references for my research proposal. University Book Search are located in England and provided me with the books in mint condition at less than GBP5 each within less than 3 days. Highly recommended, they obtained 100% customer satisfaction at Amazon and offer quite a large number of Open University course books in their recycling programme.

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One response to “Amazon, universitybooksearch and The Open University”

  1. britbohlinger says :

    In March 2007 I attended a remarkable lecture at the British Academy in London. “Moral Panics: Then and Now” was fully booked within hours after the announcement and I was among the lucky ones who got a ticket for the discussion with Stanley Cohen, FBA, London School of Economics, Stuart Hall, FBA, Open University and David Garland, New York University. It was absolutely brilliant, I have never again seen a lecturer with so much passion for his subject: Stuart Hall certainly had a massive influence on my study path – and my understanding of Michel Foucault’s theories.
    Listen to the lecture – British Academy

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