Intel and Nokia team up

The news that Intel and Nokia have teamed up is brilliant. When I came back from California about three weeks ago, my quite new Nokia 7610 Supernova got stolen (in London) and I embarked once again on the quest to find the one phone that would serve my rather specific needs:

  • Qwerty keyboard
  • quad-band
  • great for office documents,
  • social networking and emailing: fast and efficient
  • no need for a powerful camera and music player (separate items reduce the theft risk, I have learned)
  • pay as you go (international call as well as the OU tutorials on 08xxx numbers)
  • Wi-Fi enabled.

SIM cards in the US were not available for internet access (via GPRS for instance) but only calls / text-messages based. Yet, free Wi-Fi was accessible everywhere, in contrast to European countries, where charges can be still painful and coverage sparse.

So I found it, a NOKIA E63 (E71 would have been nicer but the difference in price is not justified), on Virgin Mobile PAYG, internet for GBP0.30 per day (unrestricted, fair usage policy covers 25MB per day) is perfect. I can use Skype Mobile and if I limit calls to less than 90min a day (which amounts to roughly 20MB), I can use it even on GPRS in the UK and instead of roaming options in Europe.

I am looking forward to the products this technology collaboration will present us with. Hopefully, NOKIA manages to expand into the North American market vigorously, with open source systems as a much more widely available option. Notebooks and netbooks another area I am excited to see what they will come up with.

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