IR10: Multidisciplinary Internet Research

This year’s annual conference of the Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR) Internet Research 10.0– Internet: Critical will be held 7-10 October 2009 in Milwaukee, WI, USA. I will be attending the preconference workshop on Multidisciplinary Internet Research which participants were asked to prepare for. The preparation covered a list of [early-stage] research questions, theoretical and methodological frameworks and key literature drawn upon in the reflection on interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research design.

The workshop organisers have set up an already quite comprehensive wiki which is available on and contains my summary that is also available on Slideshare where you will be able to find a transcript of the 2-pages PDF. The wiki will be updated in due course, so keep watching if that field interests you.

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About Britta Bohlinger, CFE

Founder and Director of RisikoKlár in Iceland. Native German, global perspective - previously in London and Berlin.

5 responses to “IR10: Multidisciplinary Internet Research”

  1. Jeffrey Keefer says :

    How exciting for your preparation! Sorry I will miss you there; will you liveblog it or otherwise discuss your experience along the way?

    Too bad you are not stopping in NYC for any time off . . .

  2. britbohlinger says :

    Thank you. Live microblogging on Twitter #ir10 is more likely and as soon as I find the time, some updates and summaries. The wiki will be updated by workshop organisers, I think and – who knows, I might make use of the 6 hrs in Chicago’s O’Hare airport on transit and blog the night away before I return to foggy London? NYC is another trip, in line with Philadelphia – waiting to be undertaken! You are not attending IR10? I had – wishful – thought you had submitted an abstract.

  3. Jeffrey Keefer says :

    I did submit an abstract, but alas they were not interested in my Freirian blogging model. Oh well, their loss–I do not normally attend conferences where I do not get papers accepted. Saves me a lot of money this way!

    When is the NYC trip? I am planning to visit Scotland in March . . .

  4. Anne Beaulieu says :

    Sounds good, and the micro-reward mechanisms are very intriguing!

  5. britbohlinger says :

    @Jeffrey, Scotland sounds great – I still haven’t been there. NYC anytime late 2010 – once a nice conference comes up, pls keep me posted on papers you are going to present in your state.
    @Anne, Thanks for checking out my blog, and the paper. Very glad you liked my ideas, which are proof that some of my plans have further developed. It is a long journey, it seems.

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