Tackfilm killed the hero

It was a short-lived celebrity status Tackfilm had bestowed me. In the early hours of Sunday morning I noticed Tackfilm had suffered and subsequently resorted to radical measures:

Thank you for visiting our International Hero Movie Application! Unfortunately, we’ve been forced to close this site for non-Swedish users due to the huge amount of visitors.

It seems, united we crashed it. United we mourn the short-lived existence of virtual heroes we were. Or perhaps we just flock to the next interactive video…supposed we find another one that promises just as much fun as Tackfilm had managed to give us.

Of course, Tackfilm is still available on its Swedish domain Tackfilm.se. Use Google Translate in case you can’t make sense of the Swedish instructions. If you use Google Chrome you will be able to access the site by help of a new incognito window, in case your non-Swedish IP address excludes you.

Yesterday, I had also trouble accessing Stopp.se’s website, the producers behind Tackfilm. More details on them in my previous post about Tackfilm.

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2 responses to “Tackfilm killed the hero”

  1. Katri Lietsala says :

    This is sad news. So many of us would embrace the reputation and the amount of visitors they were able to get. I loved the idea on the video, would have been great advertising also to Sweden.

  2. britbohlinger says :

    I couldn’t agree more, thanks Katri. I saw my statistics climb up quite a bit over the past few days since I had posted my first comment on Tackfilm. And it was a surprise to see that more visitors went to see the film with my image than the neutral version (Narcissism put aside, I would love to find out more about motivations, expectations etc in this regards), also I believe, Sweden has gained over night a lot of attention, given the keywords users provided to search engines which lead to my blog. Obviously, it was an unexpected turn – who would have thought a short video on broadcsting fees could have so much power?

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